Post Weight Loss

It’s a great feeling to lose weight. However significant weight loss has its challenges.

Loose skin is the main issue.

It’s typical for patients who undergo bariatric surgery to lose 60% of excess body weight over the following two years. Following massive weight loss, the skin does not have enough elasticity to bounce back and tighten up on its own. This can leave you with loose folds of skin that are often unsightly and can also pose problems with hygiene.

It can be discouraging after such a commitment to weight loss to have flabby skin, which hangs from the tummy, thighs, and buttocks. This can prevent you from fully enjoying your new shape, leading to both emotional and physical discomfort.

But there are ways to help uncover the true you.

This is where surgery comes in, the needs of patients following massive weight loss go well beyond a standard tummy tuck after pregnancy. It requires a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has an interest and experience in helping weight-loss patients achieve full body contouring.

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