Upper Body Lift|

Upper Body Lift|

Upper Body Lift|

Upper Body Lift|

Upper Body Lift|

Upper Body Lift|

Most patients who experience significant weight loss after bariatric surgery or diet/exercise have significant skin laxity of many areas of the body.

An Upper Body Lift is a procedure where the excess skin is removed from either the upper back, side of the chest or side of the body to tighten the skin and remove skin excess.

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3 weeks


Final results are long lasting as long as weight is stable.

What Can An Upper Body Lift Do For You?

Depending on whether you are apple or pear shaped, how much weight you gained and how much weight you lost, the laxity can affect you differently.

Some patients end up with skin folds and rolls of the upper back and side of the chest under the arms. These folds can be very concerning and negatively affect the way your bras and or clothing fit. An Upper Body Lift can help with this problem!

The results are dramatic and make a huge difference in how your clothes fit. The scars can often be hidden under the bra line and fade quite well with time.

Are You An Ideal Candidate?

A good candidate for an upper body lift is someone with one or more skin rolls of the upper back and side of the chest, very loose skin and minimal amounts of fat.

They must understand that they are going to get a much smoother and tighter appearance at the expense of a scar across the back or in the armpit region that can be covered with a bra. In men, this incision is more difficult to conceal. If this trade-off is acceptable to you, then you may be a good candidate for an upper body lift. Other aspects that make you a good candidate for an Upper Body LIft include stable weight, non-smokers, and good nutritional status. These factors increase your chances of having a smooth recovery.

Can An Upper Body Lift Be Combined With Other Body Contouring Procedures After Weight Loss?

Body Contouring after weight loss procedures are often combined to reduce downtime and to improve their results. An Upper Body Lift is no different. Upper Body Lifts are often combined with arm lifts, breast lifts, tummy tucks and thigh lifts. It is usually not combined with a lower body lift due to wound tension and healing issues. Upper Body Lifts can also be performed as a stand alone procedure if it is an isolated concern or to improve residual upper abdominal skin laxity ( upper abdominal rolls ) after a tummy tuck or a Lower Body Lift.

What Is The Recovery Like After An Upper Body Lift?

The recovery from an Upper Body Lift is nowhere near as long as that from a Lower body lift or tummy tuck. It is easier! Because there is no muscle tightening and just skin removal most patients bounce back from this procedure much faster than they anticipated. Two weeks is the average recovery from this procedure. While, you will not be released to full activities like exercise for some time, most patients return to light activities at home and at work within 7-10 days.


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