Post Weight Loss Surgery Assessment Tool 

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Dr Jake Lim is a specialist plastic surgeon since 2001 experienced in cosmetic breast, post weight loss surgery and facial surgery. Dr Lim has conducted thousands of assessments and consultations.

As a result, Dr Lim can quickly recognise via visual photo assessment if you are a suitable candidate for lower body surgery.

This lower body surgery assessment can save everyone time and money before a visit to one of our clinics. It is an effective assessment tool for anyone considering lower circumferential lipectomy (lower body lift), post weight loss, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery or post pregnancy surgery.

Dr Jake Lim

Photo Requirements

We only need photos of your lower body / tummy region

  • 1 x Photo of Front View
  • 1 x Photo of Side View
  • 1 x Photo of Back View
Lower Body Lift - Front - Post-Op

Real Consented Patient – After Result

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