Let’s answer some questions

What are your clinic hours?

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, EFTPOS, Direct Deposits and all major Credit Cards.
Assistance with finance is available through independent finance companies.

Where are you located?

Bondi Junction

Suite 1305, Lvl 13 & Suite 2104, Lvl 21
101 Grafton St, Westfield Tower 2
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

+61 2 9893 9388

Bella Vista

Suite 212, Level 2, Q Central
10 Norbrik Drive
Bella Vista NSW 2153

+61 2 9893 9388


Westmead Private Hospital
Suite 2, Cnr Mons/Darcy Rd
Westmead NSW 2145

+61 2 9893 9388

Castle Hill

The Barwell Centre

Suite 25, 7-9 Barwell Avenue
Castle Hill
NSW 2154

+61 2 9893 9388

Do I need a referral to see a Forme Plastic Surgeon?

Yes. A General Practitioner referral is required for a cosmetic surgery consultation.

What can I expect at the consultation?

Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you have time to complete paperwork for medical record purposes. Your surgeon will talk to you about your health, medications, allergies and previous operations as well as the outcome you wish to achieve.

How much does a consultation with a Forme Plastic Surgeon cost?

Virtual consultation: $150 for 20 minutes

New medical patients $225

New cosmetic patients $350

The consultation fee is due at the time of placing your booking. Consultations with our surgeons can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

During this time, your general medical history is established and a thorough assessment performed to understand and discuss the appropriate plans to achieve your goals. 

How soon can I be seen?

Our staff will do their best to try and fit you in for a consultation with a Forme Plastic Surgeon within 2-4 weeks. If you would like to talk to a surgeon sooner you can do so with a virtual consultation within 10 days. 

Where should I park and is there a fee for parking?

Bondi Junction

3hr free parking in Bondi Junction Westfield

Bella Vista

The Q Central Building is in Norbrik Drive off Old Windsor Road opposite the Norwest Private Hospital. Parking is available in front of and underneath the building or in the Hospital car park across the road for a small fee.


Parking available onsite, fee $8 for up to 2hrs, entrance to parking via Mons Road.

Castle Hill

Parking is available onsite in Barwell Avenue.

Who is a good candidate for plastic surgery?

Anyone who is both physically and mentally healthy with realistic expectations.

Are there risks involved with surgery?

Any type of surgery has a potential risk. It is important to discuss all risks and complications with your surgeon in detail at the initial consultation.

Where is the surgery performed?

Our surgeons operate at a number of fully accredited private hospitals where your cosmetic surgery will be performed.

Will there be any scarring?

Whenever there is an incision there will be a scar. Your Forme Plastic Surgeon’s job is to ensure the final scar is the best it can possibly be. A well placed incision that is sutured in a fine meticulous manner typically fades over time and is hardly noticeable. However, there is some unpredictability about how some scars heal and this will be discussed depending on the procedure you are having.

What is the difference between getting my surgery done in Australia compared to overseas?

Getting surgery done overseas is often cheaper but not always safer. There are many benefits to undertaking any surgical procedure locally, especially when it comes to recovery at home and in the case of any unforeseen issues arising.

Also with cosmetic surgery performed overseas there is a well reported higher complication and revision rate that is not discussed and needs to be taken into account when looking at the final costs.

Can I drive myself home after surgery?

No. Whether your surgery requires sedation or a full general anaesthetic, the patient will need someone to drive them home and stay with them for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

Do I need to take medications after my surgery?

Painkillers and/or antibiotics are often prescribed after your cosmetic surgery. You will be directed as to what medication you need to take. It is important you are comfortable after any surgery, so you are encouraged to take any pain relief medication as directed to make your overall experience considerably more comfortable.

Will I need to wear a surgical garment?

Following some surgical procedures, tight fitting surgical garments are used for comfort, to help reduce bruising and to control excessive swelling. Should your procedure require a garment the Forme team will provide you with the details.

When can I get back to normal activities?

This really depends on what kind of surgery you’ve had. As a general rule, you’ll be advised to avoid exercise for the first two weeks after surgery. You will be able to gradually resume activity, and by six weeks following your surgery you should be back to your normal level of exercise.

What happens after my surgery?

We aim to see our patients frequently after surgery, most patients we see at:
1 week
3 weeks
6 weeks
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months