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Author: Dr Jake Lim FRACS.,

Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Forme Institute, Sydney

Scarring is one of the major concerns many women have when deciding whether they want to undergo a mummy makeover surgery. While it’s important for patients to have realistic expectations about the procedure and understand that some scarring will still occur, there are ways to reduce it. Using V-loc sutures for a mummy makeover is a solution that can help minimise scarring.

What is a V-loc suture?

V-loc suture is a revolutionary suture that has dual-angled barbs engrained on it with a loop at the end which means there is no need to tie a knot. The barbs allow the suture to run in one direction only. This is what makes using V-loc sutures a safe practice: in case the suture breaks, the rest of it will still keep the wounds together without unravelling.

Keep in mind that sutures are still foreign bodies – hence, the less sutures are placed around the wound, the more it will reduce inflammation and scarring. 

However, with V-loc sutures, there’s less scarring around the wounds as there is no need to tie the knot. In terms of the surgery outcomes, reduced scarring means better cosmetic results. As long as the sutures are carefully placed, so that they are not too close to the surface of the skin, the chances that the sutures will split are much lower.

Absorbable vs permanent V-loc sutures

These sutures come in either an absorbable or permanent form. The former is usually used to close the skin tissue: absorbable sutures will dissolve completely in a 3 – 6 months time. The permanent form is used to close deeper tissue, such as the deep fascia, or the abdominal wall muscle fascia.

V- loc sutures represent advances in suture technology and are made by one of the world’s leading medical technology companies: Medtronic/Covidien.

I have been using these sutures for more than five years. Many of my patients reported that their scars looked better when the V-loc sutures were used. I use V-loc sutures for abdominoplasty, breast reduction and mummy makeover procedures as well as a series of post weight loss surgery procedures, such as lower body lift, arm lift and thigh lift.



About Jake Lim:

Dr Jake Lim is a skilled, experienced and accomplished Plastic Surgeon with over 22 years of  experience. Dr Lim truly cares about his patients and uses the most advanced techniques to achieve natural and longer lasting results. Through his membership of ASAPS, Dr Jake Lim keeps up with cutting edge techniques and recent advances in Cosmetic Surgery. 


About ASAPS: The Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) is the peak body for plastic surgeons who specialise in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. ASAPS’s members are registered specialist plastic surgeons, who after  having undergone the highest levels of accredited training  maintain a lifelong commitment to Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery.

As a patient of an ASAPS member, you should feel reassured that you are in expert hands with access to world-class expertise in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Australia. 


FRACS (Plastic Surgery) – Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Past President : ASAPS ( Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)
Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
PhD (Eyelid Surgery) – University of Louisville, USA