Jawline Slimming|

Jawline Slimming|

Jawline Slimming|

A square, masculine jawline can make the face appear “rough” and seem less feminine.

A masculine-looking jawline is formed due to prominent masseter muscles. An overly prominent jawline can cause health-related problems and concerns, including bruxism (involuntary clenching and teeth grinding which typically occurs during nighttime), headaches, toothache and facial pain.

In order to achieve a slimmer, more feminine oval shape of the jawline, cosmetic specialists perform a masseter reduction procedure, also known as “jawline slimming.” Masseter muscle reduction is achieved through administering of anti-wrinkle injections which cause the muscles to relax and gradually shrink, resulting in a slimmer jawline.



Local anaesthetic and ice packs may be applied. The anesthesia procedure is similar to the one for anti-wrinkle injectables.




There is a minimum recovery after the procedure. Some redness may appear which usually dissipates within the next hour.


The full effect of the initial jaw slimming treatment is visible after 8 weeks. A repeat procedure may be required if the patient wants to achieve a greater slimming effect. Patients need to do follow-up treatments after 9 months, however, the more muscles are treated, the smaller they become, which also makes them weaker and less active over time.

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