Double Chin Injections|

Double Chin Injections|

Double Chin Injections|

Double Chin Injections|

Double Chin Injections|

Double Chin Injections|

Many of us acquire double chins genetically or due to changes in our lifestyle. A lot of people find a double chin frustrating as it can make the overall appearance of the face look less appealing.

Double chin injections are one of the latest treatment trends that have completely revolutionalised skin treatment practice, creating a solution for those patients who do not want to remove their excess chin by way of incision. In the past, there’s been a need for surgical intervention to remove double chin through performing either liposuction or a neck lift which are both complex and invasive procedures. Today, it can be easily done with double chin injections which are deoxycholic acid-based treatments. The way it works is that deoxycholic acid treatments, also known as Kybella treatments, are injected in targeted areas underneath your chin to eliminate fat cells that make up the excess fat. Patients can be given around 20 small injections within 10 minutes, each injection containing 0.2ml of deoxycholic acid and spaced out over 1cm intervals across the skin underneath your chin. The process is quick, natural, safe and, most importantly, it gives you permanent, well-shaped face contour and sleeker, more defined jawline.



Local anaesthetic or ice packs are used to numb the skin under the chin. Due to numbing, patients experience minimum pain during injections.



Length of surgery

Less than 1 hour.


After the treatment, patients may experience swelling, redness, minor bruising, mild pain and numbness in the area. These symptoms are merely side effects of the procedure and should disappear within the next few days. Patients can apply ice packs and take over-the-counter medications to alleviate the pain and ease their recovery.


The patients will see the improved results shortly after the treatment. Two to four repeat treatments may be needed for some patients to see their ideal result, depending on the amount of fat they want to get rid of. Any additional repeat treatments must be scheduled after the period of two months, following after each treatment to ensure the full effectiveness of the procedure and to allow some time for swelling to heal.

What Can Double Chin Injections Do For You?

This procedure is a simple way to achieve your dream looks without any surgical intervention. Unlike liposuction and a neck lift, this is a relatively light cosmetic procedure which can give you a sleek jawline and a more defined overall facial contour in no time without any surgical complications.

Other benefits of double chin injections include:

  • Eliminating fat under the chin
  • Getting rid of your double chin with no incisions
  • No scars
  • Minimal downtime

Are You An Ideal Candidate?

This treatment is very popular among different age groups as it is suitable for both younger and older patients.

It is an ideal procedure for people in their 20s, 30s and early 40s. Those who are in their late 40s or older are recommended to opt for a neck lift procedure instead as double chin injections can only remove excess fat and not the loose skin which we accumulate as we age.

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